After reading the recent article on CB Games about Ash Ketchum (I’m sorry, Pokemon Trainer…) being in Smash Bros. Brawl, I got very, very upset, and not just because the idea of said character sounds way beyond cheesy (Which it does).

No, the main reason I got upset was because I know that the more characters they add, the less likely they’ll include ‘Lil Mac from Punch-Out!! in the game. And if you’ve been reading any of my columns since I started at CB Games, you’ll know that I’m a man who desires to see ‘Lil Mac in a SBB game bad.

But for those of you who have been living on Planet Sony or quadrant 360 for the past few months, and don’t know the current roster of new characters in the game, let me fill you in: There’s Wario (Kinda cool) Snake from Metal Gear Solid (Really cool), Zero Suit Samus (Uh, what?), Meta Knight (Uh, what again?), Ike from Fire Emblem (Meh) and Pit from Kid Icarus, which brings the topic of this article to a head as I ask the question, why is Kid Icarus in this game again?

Besides nostalgic purposes, which is the reason I’m guessing Ice Climbers were in the last game, I can’t see any good reason to include the boy who flew in SBB, as the original game really isn’t all that good. In fact, it’s downright horrible, and if I could give it any hand gesture to explain my feelings towards it, I’d give it a teeter of the hand followed by an emphatic thumbs down. Really, there’s nothing to like about the game, other than the music, of course.

But I guess it’s an acquired taste, really. So for those who didn’t play it, basically, here’s the gist of the game. Kid Icarus, for all purposes, is a shoddy action platforming game that actually plays a little bit like Ice Climbers in that you’re constantly watching the bottom of the screen -- one false leap and your burnt bread, baby. And as you ascend, you shoot arrows at…octopus type thingies while avoiding the grim reaper, who runs around like he has scorpions in his cloak. Get far enough and you’ll eventually fight Medusa.

Simple enough, right?

The thing is, the game’s too hard for its own good. I know, I know, here’s Rich again with his lack of skills complaining about the difficulty, but there’s a difference between Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden type difficulty, where you feel any error you make is your OWN fault, and Kid Icarus and Milon’s Secret Castle difficulty, where errors just seem to pile up on you, no matter what you do.

But if you don’t believe me about the gameplay, you can see for yourself if you have a Wii and a few extra bucks (Or 500 points in Wii Speak). The game is currently available to purchase, and can be downloaded as soon as you finish reading this article, which should be right aboooooout……….


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