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Killer Instinct Season 3 for PC is just a couple of months away as fans wait with bated breath for the third release in the series. During a Twitch broadcast on January 2nd, Microsoft Studios Creative Director, Michael Isgreen, got on and announced a new addition to the roster for the upcoming season, along with a list of other updates.

Michael Isgreen announced that Tusk would officially be joining the roster with Kim Wu for the 2016 Season 3. Both characters would will be available at launch complete with their retro costumes. According to Shoryuken, Isgreen also acknowledged that there will be at least one more guest character added to the roster. Some fans might be sad to know that bosses Eyedol or Gargos probably won’t be that one addition. Isgreen exclaimed,
Eyedol’s tough. Maya was tough, and we figured Maya out and made her look great, in my opinion, compared to what she looked like in the old game. It’s like this weird Harryhausen monster with satyr legs and a giant club and he had like two moves and he was super cheap.

During the interview, Michael Isgreen did mention that a few of the characters were going to get completely reworked, and it wasn’t going to be Glacious, Shadow Jago or Gargos. Everyone on the roster is going to get changed in some way, but these specific characters that Isgreen failed to mention seemed like they were a little too easy to gain bonuses. Isgreen also wanted to reiterate that PC edition of Season 3 will release exclusively for Windows 10 in March.

Killer Instinct is an Xbox One-exclusive fighting game that was originally released as a free-to-play game when the Xbox One launched. It’s also been made available on PC (Windows 10) through the Microsoft store. It’s actually a reboot of an older Killer Instinct series that first appeared as an arcade game in 1994 and was then ported over to the Super Nintendo and Gameboy. You can check out gameplay from the old arcade classic below.

In the wake of last night’s Twitch announcement, the internet has been responding positively.

Before the announcement, people on Twitter were begging for Tusk to be added.

You can listen to the interview here. The conversation with Isgreen begins at about 4:07:15. More information is supposed to be revealed at PAX South at the end of this month.

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