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Esports has become a really big thing; millions of dollars handed out to the top winners while millions more watch the tournaments online. The competitive eSports arena is a lucrative one and a lot of gamers are looking to build PCs around the eSports scene. Well, MSI and Killer Technology have announced their collaborative efforts at this year's CeBit expo, letting gamers know that the MSI Gaming Motherboard with Killer Technology is on its way and it's designed for gamers who take their competitive online gaming very seriously.

The tech is designed for hardcore gamers looking for complete control over their home networking capabilities and want the most bang for their buck when it comes to ping and latency rates.

The MSI Gaming Motherboard was built from the ground up with PC gamers in mind. This bad boy offers multi-GPU optimization, USB 2.0 for gaming peripherals, military class III components and integrated Killer Ethernet support.

So what makes Killer Technology's tech so darn good? Well, Qualcomm's marketing manager and Killer's lead marketer Sean McCann shared some details in a pre-briefing interview, saying...
When it comes to pure game data, our Killer E2200 technology delivers game data 10 to 20 times faster than any competing Ethernet controllers.

Since we can easily identify game traffic we make sure we prioritize game traffic in front of any other traffic going around out there. Additionally we offer gamers a lot of control with Killer's Ethernet technology because we see all the separate applications connected to the internet so we're able to throttle and manage all those applications separately.

So what does all this mean? It means that with Killer's technology it makes it convenient to manage multiple downloads, uploads or streaming tech while you game.

A really good real-world example of this is being able to download a game via Steam while simultaneously playing and streaming something like League of Legends. You can use Killer's network management software to prioritize what gets the most traffic and when. I don't know about any of you, but that would be perfect for MMOs, especially during PvP.

Killer's E2200 on MSI's gaming motherboard is also made smaller, more compact and more compatible than previous outings, allowing for eventual support of Linux, Windows 8 and Metro UI.

The MSI Gaming Motherboard with Killer's E2200 Ethernet technology will launch for under $199 and will be available at varying price points with different configurations.

You can learn more about the collaborative gaming motherboard by visiting MSI's Official Website or Killer Technology's Website.
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