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If you are familiar with the series, Killing Floor, then you know how to take out hordes of terrifying enemies in a short amount of time—and survive doing it. Another popular and nostalgic zombie game you might remember playing, Left 4 Dead, had a very entertaining multiplayer mode and now, Killing Floor 2 is introducing a game mode that feels very familiar to the Left 4 Dead multiplayer mode.

Killing Floor 2 is introducing a PvP game mode where players battle other players who play as Zeds. So like how human players battled against zombie players in Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor is using a similar concept. And just like in Left 4 Dead, each Zed will have their own special abilities, like the Slashers can fly through the air, and so on. Shack News also reports that both end bosses will also be playable, too.

Tripwire Interactive president John Gibson revealed not only the new game mode, but new weapons like the M14EBR, lever-action rifle, and crossbow from the original Killing Floor and a new 4th tier Horzine Tech Railgun. There will also be two maps being added, says Gibson, from the winners of Tripwire’s map contest called Hostile Grounds and Containment Station.

I’m actually excited for this to take effect because the multiplayer mode in Left 4 Dead was really popular—I absolutely loved playing as a zombie, especially the Tank. And I assume playing the Tank will be like playing the bosses in Killing Floor 2. I’ve honestly been waiting for another game to pick up this kind of gameplay, and let’s be honest, Evolve didn’t do it well. But with having played Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 in the past, I’m confident Tripwire can deliver this type of gameplay well.

If you’d like to get more information on Killing Floor 2, you can check out the Steam website. And just because the game is so addicting, especially when you play with friends, here’s a memory refresher for what the game’s all about.

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