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King Of Fighters 13 Steam Edition Launching Soon

A new entry in Steam – blatantly obvious and with an actual page and video to boot – has appeared and it's none other than SNK Playmore's King of Fighters XIII. The entry page gives you a quick glimpse at a video that ends with the obvious mention that it is indeed coming to Steam since it's indubitably the “Steam Edition”.

Event Hubs managed to catch wind of it thanks to a tip from a reader. The article points to this here page on Steam's database where you can clearly see the video, which is embedded below and contains the “Steam Edition” logo.


I sure hope this is handled right because I would love to see more fighting games make their way to PC. It looks like Valve's secure and consumer-friendly digital portal has opened the door to a lot of niche games that used to be console exclusives finding their way back to the PC platform, including things like Super Street Fighter IV and just recently Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition. There are also rumors that Injustice: Gods Among Us will also end up on PC sometime later this year as well.

It looks like the PC Master Race will now be able to brag about becoming respected in the FGC once again, sort of like it was 1994 all over again and Sango Fighter and One Must Fall 2097 were hot stuff.

If you're not already steeped in the very complex and long winded plot of the King of Fighter franchise then you're not in luck because I'm really not going to try to explain it all because that would be a lengthy, confusing, sad article all on its own. Sorry. However, I will concisely say that the tournament was always hosted by nefarious types (save for Chizuru Kagaru) in hopes of reviving Orochi using a catalyst-fighter, while also using the energy of the best fighters in the world to open the portal to the other-realm. In a few of the games the portal opening was successful and some of the characters have died throughout the process (this ain't Street Fighter, folks).

The latest game features some fan-favorites as well as a few new faces... still no Ryugi Yamazaki, though. Did they just think he was too OP and left him off the roster? I'm telling you, if someone legit took hold of my boy Yamazaki-san they would royally make everyone at EVO so freaking salty. Sadism ftw.

Anyway, the game has some of the most refined controls in a 2D fighting game to date, if not the most refined combat mechanics in a 2D fighting game, ever. There are special cancels, super cancels and super special cancels. There are counter-attacks, counter-grabs, counter-throws and counters for counters. The game is pretty much the epitome of technical-based 2D fighting and it is not for the faint of skill.

I would love to get the game as soon as it becomes available for Steam because of all the enhanced graphical options, smoother net-play and a much more robust and diverse control scheme (i.e., Splitfish plus Keyboard for the win).

There is no date set and I have no idea when this game plans on launching, but we were already tipped off to this earlier this year when KOF XIII appeared on the Steam app database. It's just a matter of SNK/Atlus announcing when the game will officially launch on Steam.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.