The land is being overrun by evil monsters and, in Knights and Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince, you and your band of soldiers are the only force powerful enough to stop them. Coming from Gree and developer IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc., this new free-to-play adventure roleplaying game hits iTunes today.

Playable on iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, Knights and Dragons takes place in a fantasy realm where the evil Dark Prince and his minions are wreaking chaos across the countryside. Your job is to build a small army of allies, equip everyone with the best armor and head into battles with a rock-paper-scissors brand of elemental attributes. As you play, you’ll unlock additional heroes to use in battle, the ability to craft new armor from existing sets and the materials you loot and more.

According to a statement from Gree, Knights and Dragons features multiple roleplaying elements as well, including the exploration of a magical land, hundreds of quests to take on, the ability to build and design your own castle and plenty of armor to equip to your various units.

“In Knights and Dragons, we set out to develop a fun and accessible RPG experience that delivers all the social, strategic and immersive elements that mobile social gamers love,” said Gree’s SVP of Social Games, Eiji Araki. “We also wanted to bring a deeper storyline by introducing an entertaining plot, witty dialogue, playful characters and high-production art, as well as a continuous dose of new content, features and events to keep the fun fresh.”

Knights and Dragons supports the ability to take on other players in PvP tournaments, you can hire friends’ knights to join your battle, and you can expect all of the usual trimmings like leaderboards and achievements.

You can snag Knights and Dragons free of charge right now on iTunes.

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