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These days, it seems like pretty much anything can be turned into a wacky video game. Take jigsaw puzzles, for instance. Konami Digital Entertainment has announced the release of Puzzle Chasers, a new Facebook game that turns the high octane hobby of putting together a puzzle into an epic globe-trotting adventure. Also, there’s a monkey.

In Puzzle Chasers, the player follows Roxy and Blake, as well as their monkey sidekick Austin, around the world to put together beautifully illustrated puzzles. You’ll meet all sorts of new friends along the way, taking part in both a single player adventure and a quick-as-you-can blitz mode.

Each of the 100 puzzles starts off with several pieces missing. The player’s job is to figure out which of the available pieces fits where in order to complete the image. So…Yeah…You’re pretty much putting a puzzle together. The difficulty increases as the game goes on and also adjusts if the player is having too easy a time. Each consecutive correct piece adds to a multiplier, netting you more points along the way. Missing pieces are randomized to keep things interesting, so you can play a favorite puzzle over and over and never face the same challenge twice.

If you need a break from the campaign, you can always jump into Blitz mode, which features fast-paced challenges on a different puzzle every week.

I used to love puzzles when I was a kid. I used to play marbles a lot, too. If anyone is looking for the next Facebook ultra-hit, that might be a good place to start.

For additional details on Puzzle Chasers, head on over to the game’s Facebook page.

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