Krossmaster Arena is making its way to a more robust, 3D virtual space, bringing its unique blend of tactics-based combat to web browsers and mobile devices in the form of a brand new game.

About a year ago, I discovered the physical tabletop version of Krossmaster Arena at a local comicon. I was drawn to its bright colors, detailed figurines and a sense of fun in a game that’s all about beating the smithereens out of your opponent.

The easiest way to describe the game is to make a direct comparison to a title like Final Fantasy Tactics. Players set up a collection of characters on opposite ends of a grid-based board. Terrain includes trees, crates, bushes and rocks, as well as a smattering of coins for you to pick up and spend on helpful items.

Each character in the game has its own abilities, meaning it’s important to know how your characters will work together to achieve the best result and, just as important, how to keep out of trouble when squaring off against your opponents. These include melee abilities, area of effect abilities, ranged combat and placement manipulation, just like in your standard SRPG. Aside from a few additional tweaks and mechanics, you’re basically looking at a video game brought to the physical world in the form of a fun and customizable battle game.

Now developer Ankama has announced that the whole process is being funneled into an actual video game, giving players the opportunity to enjoy the skill, strategy and combat of Krossmaster Arena even when you don’t have a friend or kitchen table handy.

While a 2D version of just such a game is already available, Ankama plans to take the action into a whole new dimension, specifically the third dimension, in this latest web and mobile iteration of the game. And, just like with the 2D version of the game, the things you buy in the physical version of Arena will carry over into the virtual world.

“As in the current version of Krossmaster Arena, players of the web browser and mobile version will have the possibility to integrate the Krossmaster figures they have bought in blind or window boxes into their deck,” reads a statement from Ankama. “The new season of figures will be soon available in stores in Europe and North America.”

In other words, each character you buy for the physical version of Arena will come with a unique code that you can plug into the 3D game, giving you access to that character at no additional cost. I assume that there will be a way to buy new in-game characters without having to pick up a physical figurine, but where’s the fun in that?

“The first version of Krossmaster Arena was launched in order to offer players a way to train and play online with some friends,” said Oliver Comte, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer for Ankama. “Following the success of the brand, we want to give players the game that they deserve by updating the graphics, adding new features and bringing it on new devices, but keeping the same gameplay that makes Krossmaster Arena attractive to strategy fans.”

Look for it in early 2015.

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