LEGO Universe players only have a few hours left with the game. The Warner Bros. Interactive Entertaiment-published MMO will be shutting down permanently at midnight EST tonight.

The game first launched in October 2010. The LEGO Group announced this past fall that the game would be ending due to a lack of subscribers.

"We didn’t do this lightly – it was a big decision and one we simply had to take eventually as after 1 year the game has nowhere near as many subscribers as we needed to be able to keep it running," reads a FAQ about the game's closure. "We have done our best to manage the ending well and have kept up a constant communication with the players so that they have time to adjust to the idea that the game will close. We are answering childrens’ letters and emails about the decision."

LEGO has been free-to-play since December 31st. If you have an active subscription, you'll receive a refund for any game time that was remaining after that date. The LEGO Group will begin processing all refunds on February 1st.

Elsewhere in the FAQ, the development team assured gamers that this isn't the end of LEGO video games altogether.

"Our decision to end LEGO Universe is similar to decisions we also make with LEGO Product collection, where favourite sets come and go to make space for new sets. It was time for LEGO Universe to end and hopefully new digital LEGO experiences will come in the future."

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