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The Last Phoenix is an open-world artistic-flying game where you restore color and life to a dying world. Quite naturally, you take control of the last of the Phoenix and your job is to free the Phoenix god from bondage. It's a very interesting premise with a gritty atmosphere offset with beautiful visuals and an original premise all powered by the Unreal Engine.

The game has been in development for three months by a group of students...yes, students. The game looks fantastic, though, and before you wave your hand, shake your head and leave the room for something bigger and more blockbustery, just check out the game in action below.

Looks good, eh? I'm definitely impressed given that we don't get many original games like this. When you think about the advancement of technology, most times larger studios aren't even thinking about using that tech to expand on the experiences of a game or the creative innovation that comes along with the tech. For studios like Activision and EA a lot of it boils down to what they can market and sell to a mass audience as the lowest common denominator...or alternatively, how they can achieve the Michael Bay Transformers effect.

Anyway, The Last Phoenix will also feature the ability to engage in combat. You won't just be restoring the land and bringing life back to the bastions of civilization, there will also be angry crows, carrion and cocoons to fight as well. I'm not entirely sure how the combat will work per se, but the concept is still pretty cool.

The game is still heavy in development but you can help bring some exposure to this fascinating looking title by voting the game up on Steam's Greenlight. To learn more or to help the game make it to the Steam Store be sure to visit the Official Greenlight Page.

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