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Riot Games has unveiled the 100th playable champion for their MOBA game League of Legends. Jayce, the "Defender of Tomorrow," seems like a versatile warrior that will be able to fill a variety of roles on the battlefield.

League of Legends is free to download and play. However, Riot Games makes its money through selling optional boosters, customization items, and Champions. All players have access to a rotating set of ten free Champions. Players can permanently unlock a specific Champion by purchasing them. This explains why Riot has been so diligent about adding new Champions to the game: it's a main source of revenue.

Jayce is clad in advanced armor and wields a massive Mercury Hammer. He can leap into packs of enemies and slow anyone caught in the blast radius. He can also knockback foes with his hammer and stun them briefly. Jayce is also able to emit a lightning field that damages anyone in the vicinity.

The really interesting part about this champion, though, is that it can become a ranged attacker as well. The Mercury Hammer is able to transform into a Mercury Cannon that fires lightning bolts. It can also create an Acceleration Gate that increases the movement speed of Jayce or his allies if they pass through it. Shooting a lightning bolt through this gate will speed it up and boost its damage as well.

No word yet on when Jayce will be available for purchase.

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