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According to Fortune magazine, Riot Games is one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. In fact, the League of Legends developer almost made it into the top ten.

Every year, Fortune compiles a list of companies that rank highly on metrics like employee satisfaction, diversity, and pay scale. The final lineup is typically devoid of any video game developers, but other tech giants, like Google and Microsoft, almost always land a spot. This year, however, League of Legends developer Riot Games has managed to score one of the best locations on the entire list.

Here, I'll let Riot deliver the good news:

After checking out the company's website, it certainly feels like Fortune's honor is well deserved. The list of perks includes items like "Open PTO," "Thunderdome hackathons," "Optional daily League of Legends playtests," and "Weekly visits from certified masseuses."

I suddenly wish I had worked harder in college.

Riot scored a 95 percent on Fortune's employee satisfaction survey, with staff members applauding the company's dedication to training and community.

Here's how one staffer described the workplace:
There are yearly company-paid trips and an open PTO "Play Fund" - $300 allotted yearly to spend on video games for research and keeping up in the industry. We all play League, for the most part, and love playing together throughout the work week. There are company tournaments for League of Legends a few times a year and a biannual company hack-a-thon to work on whatever we want for three days. There are full kitchens, stocked breakfast foods and fruit and up to $10 toward dinner delivery for those working late, daily.

The last few years have been huge for Riot. Fueled by LoL's climbing popularity, the company added around 250 jobs in 2014. And judging by the abundance of postings on Riot's job board, that number is still on the rise.

Activision Blizzard also made Fortune's list for the first time, which marks a significant turnaround for the publisher. In 2012, Blizzard was forced to eliminate around 600 jobs, and Activision let 30 people go the following year. Now, the company is hiring for 1,150 staff positions.

League of Legends

Game development is a dangerous game these days. Publishers are constantly doling out by layoffs, and studio closures are depressingly common. So, the fact that Activision and Riot are being recognized by their employees is a very big deal.

Congratulations, Riot. Congratulations, Activision. You can expect my resume on your desk after I finish this box of Girl Scout cookies and watch another episode of Gilmore Girls.

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