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League Of Legends developer Riot Games announced a number of new features coming to the game for Season 6. One of these new additions should sound very familiar to Dota 2 players.

After each match, you have a chance to earn Mastery Chests and Keys. The keys unlock chests and give you randomized rewards such as champions and skins. In some cases, you'll unlock this content permanently and in others you'll merely get a seven-day rental.

Keys and Key Fragments will be awarded randomly after wins. Riot says that you'll get more keys by playing with friends rather than queuing up solo. Key Fragments can be combined into Keys, though it's unclear how many you'll need.

Mastery Chests, meanwhile, are tied to the letter grade you receive at the end of the match. This grade, introduced in the Champion Mastery update earlier this year, measures you and your team's performance based on kills, deaths and other metrics. Presumably someone who earns an A+ will have a much better shot at a chest than someone who gets a D.

The random nature of the rewards means there's a good chance you'll get something you don't want. However, you can change these items after the crafting table:
Loot items you don't want can be disenchanted into essences. These essences are used to upgrade other items from shard rentals to permanent content. Alternatively, you can use the crafting table to reroll 3 of any permanent or rental item into a different permanent item of the same type (skin or champion).

The in-game store for League of Legends will also several different kinds of loot chests. Riot didn't mention exactly what your choices will be but they mention that these chests are "guaranteed to be good deals." At the very least, I'd expect Riot to bring back the mystery champion and mystery skin chests.

There are some encouraging aspects of this loot system. It's great to have a way for players to unlock skins without paying money. You can acquire new champions by spending Influence Points you earned through gameplay but there's no such option for skins. Plus, I like that they're making the post-match grades actually count for something. The crafting table gives us some control over the random chance of the whole system.

Still, the quality of this loot feature will come down to the numbers. Will these loot drops happen often enough to feel meaningful? How long will it take to collect enough essences for crafting upgrades? Buying the skin or champion you want outright is always going to be the most time-efficient option but the loot system needs to at least feel like a reasonable alternative.

Riot's plans for 2016 also include reworks for several Marksman characters, a Team Builder for Ranked matches, and a new client for the game. Don't expect replays or a sandbox mode, though.