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Riot Games is on the verge of announcing a new champion for League of Legends. They've added some Easter eggs to the game that hints at this character's identity.

In the introductory letter for Patch 5.17's change list, Riot included a curious message: "They Are Coming." While playing since 5.17, players also noticed that a swirl sometimes appears above their head a few seconds into the match:

The public beta version of Patch 5.18, meanwhile, will introduce another visual tease. When you die, there's a chance a Lamb or Wolf mask will appear over your corpse. Each mask is adorned with the same swirl pattern that pops up above players at the start of matches now:

Riot champion designer "Wrekz," meanwhile, said over Twitter that they're teasing a new character rather than a skin or event:
Some fans speculated that the new champion is based on a fan concept called Dha Ma, a duo inspired by yin and yang. However, Riot said that their new character is something different:
Dha and Ma is a super cool concept, with a lot of compelling elements. The yin & yang, dark & light dual nature has a lot of very novel thematic and visual flair that hasn't been explored in League yet. I wanted to quickly dispel the notion that this was a direct inspiration, however - in fact, the first concept for our next champion was created January 26 of this year.

I imagine Riot isn't going to release the new champion before Season 5's finals, which wrap up on October 31st. Releasing a new character that could potentially throw off the competitive balance of the game right in the middle of the world championships doesn't sound like a smart plan. Maybe we'll see this character soon afterward, though? This new character seems creepy enough to be released during the Harrowing, the game's Halloween-themed event.

This mystery character will be the fourth released in 2015. The other new additions this year are the roaming support Bard, time-traveling assassin Ekko, and the perpetually hungry Tahm Kench.