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League of Legends is celebrating April Fool's Day by bringing back a special game mode called Ultra Rapid Fire. They've also added some silly new skins to the PC and Mac MOBA.

Ultra Rapid Fire mode, as the name suggests, is a much faster-paced version of the standard 5v5 Summoner's Rift matches. Everyone moves and attacks faster. They can use their abilities faster too thanks to a lack of mana or energy costs. Here are the full changes from the normal, according to Riot:
  • REMOVED MANA & ENERGY COSTS Everything is free.
  • HEALTH COSTS Reduced by 50%
  • COOLDOWN REDUCTION ON EVERYTHING 80% (Runes, items, masteries and abilities no longer grant cooldown reduction)
  • TENACITY 25%
  • ATTACK SPEED MULTIPLIER+50% (+100% for ranged champions)
  • CRITICAL STRIKES 200% base damage -> 225% base damage
  • GOLD GAIN - 500% the normal amount on Summoner's Rift
  • TONS OF DAMAGE Everything deals tons of damage
  • TONS OF HEALTH Everything has tons of health
Riot also made some other tweaks based on feedback from past incarnations of Ultra Rapid Fire. Heals are 50% less effective at the start of the match and slowly become more powerful over time. Many Heroes' shield abilities, meanwhile, have been reduced in effectiveness. This prevents certain characters from becoming essentially invulnerable due to the cooldown reductions and lack of resource costs. Other specific changes to Bard and other Champions for the mode can be found here.

You can play Ultra Rapid Fire in PvP or Co-Op. You'll have to use Blind Draft instead of Team Builder for the former. The rule changes should make the battles go about twice as fast as usual so it's worth playing at least once for your daily bonus IP. Upon completing a match, you'll unlock a new "Thinking Manatee" Summoner icon. The Manatee can be seen in the new music video for Ultra Rapid Fire, which Riot refers to as "URF":

Today also marks the debut of five April Fool's Day skins. The new additions include Definitely Not Udyr, which outfits him with a different animal costume whenever he switches aspects, and Archduke Nasus, a gentlemanly new outfit for the grim demigod.

"Attend the funniest sad party in all the land and cheer up Surprise Party Amumu (1350 RP*) with Definitely Not Udyr (975 RP,) Archduke Nasus (750 RP,) Order of the Banana Soraka (750 RP,) or Urf the Nami-tee (750 RP!)" Riot said. They added that Surprise Party Amumu is on sale for 975 RP through April 6th. You can check out all of the skins in the gallery below.

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