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Valve Software has something special planned for Halloween time. They will be letting all gamers try out Left 4 Dead 2 for no charge this weekend.

In L4D2, a team of four survivors must escape the zombie apocalypse. They'll fend off the hordes of zombies using a mixture of firearms and melee weapons. The game's campaigns can be played alone or with up to three friends.

The game's been out several years at this point so many veterans have no doubt moved on. However, in an interesting turn of events, Valve will be providing an incentive for these players to return. Current players will be able to unlock a new Achievement called "Good Guy Nick," awarded for helping free weekend players survive a full campaign. Free weekend players won't be designated as such by the game, so you'll actually need to - gasp - talk to fellow players to find out.

The free play weekend will begin on Thursday. It'll run until 10 AM PST (1PM EST) on Monday. Valve generally puts some discount into effect for these types of events but there's no mention of that here. Nonetheless, the game's only $20 normally.