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The Legacy of Kain franchise hasn't been able to catch a break lately. It seems like each new potential game gets hit with cancellation news and the Nosgoth spin-off based on the Legacy of Kain lore is yet another game tossed in the trash can by the publisher.

Square Enix sent out a notice on the official website and on the Steam store page, revealing that Nosgoth is closing up shop. According to Gamespot the game will be playable up until May 31st but all microtransactions have ceased functionality, so gamers can no longer purchase in-game items with real money.

After May 31st the servers will go offline and no one will be able to log in and play the team-based deathmatch game based on the Legacy of Kain mythos. The forums will, however, stay active up until around E3 on June 14th, after which point they too will go offline.

Why did the game get shut down exactly? According to Square's community manager it was because there wasn't a big enough audience. They stated in the shut down notice:
It is with regret that today we can confirm that development for Nosgoth has officially ceased and we are winding down support for the game, […]

It's been a pleasure to build this game with your help, but ultimately its audience hasn’t grown enough to sustain ongoing operations.

The game was developed by Rocket League's own Psyonix. It was one of those games that headed into Early Access and then exited Early Access with very little fanfare. Part of the problem is scattered throughout the community's feedback on the news of the game's shut down, as well as in the Steam review section. There's a lot of comments about Nosgoth having some serious bugs, glitches, matchmaking issues, and general playability faults.

The reviews pointed out that instead of improving the gameplay and making it a better-playing game, there were a lot of decisions made by the developers that turned off the community instead. For instance, some complained about performance issues and matchmaking improvements needing to be top priority, but instead costumes, clothing items, accessories and cash shop items became a focus.

Free-to-play games live and die based on their community and the requirement to have them spend money consistently to sustain itself. In this case, a lot of gamers just felt as if Nosgoth wasn't a proper, respectable entry in the Legacy of Kain series. This was compounded with the fact that some didn't feel as if the game was original enough in the free-to-play genre to stand out from the herd.

There are so many free-to-play team-based deathmatch games out there that it's tough to distinguish which game deserves attention. Obviously, the community felt as if Nosgoth was not the game that deserved their sustained patronage.

On the upside, for those lucky enough to make it into the ESL's Nosgoth Open Cup championship tournament, it will still take place at the end of April.

Hopefully this isn't the end of new games in the Legacy of Kain series. According to Square Enix, Nosgoth's demise will not affect the series, but they will judge any new pitches for a Legacy of Kain title on its own individual merits and as a standalone concept independent of the free-to-play action game from Psyonix.

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