With 32 hours left go (as of the writing of this article), the strategy-medieval role-playing game, Legends of Eisenwald, has secured enough funding to certify their KickStarter campaign as a complete and total success.

Asking for $50,000 to help finalize the game and get it out the door, the indie studio Minsk, Aterdux Entertainment, wanted a different kind of medieval RPG for gamers to experience and Eisenwald is definitely a different kind of experience.

Old-school gamers will quickly recognize that LoE is basically an evolved version of classic turn-based games like Heroes of Might & Magic while also maintaining a semblance of unpredictability like real-time RPGs such as Baldur's Gate.

Legends of Eisenwald is also a two-tiered strategy game, with a world map screen for players to venture around on and micromanage their small journeying army, and then there is the combat phase, which enables players to partake in some intense semi real-time combat. There is a hint of Mount & Blade in there, especially with the world map overlay, and for this to be a crowd-sourced game the graphics are exceptionally well-done.

I imagine this is the sort of RPG that will appeal mostly to old-school gamers who enjoyed titles like Conqueror, Lords of the Realm, Fallout or Ultima, and it might tickle the fancy of some new-school gamers who enjoy titles like Gothic, Mount & Blade or Grotesque Tactics.

You can check out the complete rundown of the gameplay features as well as the KickStarter overview trailer to get an idea of what the game plays like, by paying a visit to the Official KickStarter Page.

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