The official iCEnhancer 2.0 is currently available for those of you PC gamers out there still enjoying GTA IV in all its visually modded glory. The newest update patch features a "less dangerous" DLL file that no longer murders your video card.

It goes without saying, anyone willing to give the iCEnhancer mod a try needs a fairly high-end video card. On the Nvidia front, anything 460GTX and higher would be recommended and on the AMD front anything x7xx DX11 or higher would be recommended. Otherwise, be prepared to watch your video card melt under the pressure.

The iCEnhancer visual mod for Grand Theft Auto is a shader modification from Hayssam Keilany based on Boris Vorontsov's ENB series of graphic mods for a wide range of games. The iCEnhancer effectively gives GTA IV a near photo-realistic look...if your PC can handle it. Additional texture modifications have also been updated to help hammer home that photorealism.

You can download the latest patch from the Official iCEnhancer Website. The program includes better support for all versions of GTA IV and the Liberty City Stories, as well as that less dangerous DLL that's mentioned on the front of the web page. And like any mod out there for any game, use it at your own risk. This means weighing whether you are willing to let your video card die in an effort to get GTA IV looking so real you can almost smell the streets Niko is walking on...for better or for worse.

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