All aboard! Leviathan: Warships is hauling anchor and on the move, meaning that the hit naval warfare game from Pieces Interactive can now be played on your iPad and Android tablets.

In the recently released Leviathan: Warships, players take to the water to control an entire fleet of naval warships in order to outmaneuver and outgun the opposition. A top-down strategy game, Leviathan has players grouping units, moving them around the ocean and attacking the enemy, all with simple point and click commands. Now that control will be easier than ever as publisher Paradox Interactive announces an iPad and Android tablet version of the game, meaning all of that pointing and clicking can be replaced with intuitive taps and swipes.

Even better is the fact that Leviathan is actually a cross-platform title, meaning that whether you’re playing on the PC, Mac, iPad or an Android tablet, you can compete against opponents on any of the other devices, as well as upload your save to the cloud and continue from any other device running a copy of the game.

To celebrate the tablet launch, Paradox has also announced the impending release of a free Jazz Boatman DLC pack, featuring the smooth jazz music and smoother talking antics of Jazz Boatman himself. That update will be made available on all platforms when it launches and, once again, it won’t cost you a dime.

If you’re looking to take your aquatic warfare on the go, you can now pick up Leviathan: Warships for $4.99from either iTunes or the Google Play store.

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