Stage 2 Studios is a game development studio with the game Lifeless Planet in the works. You might be surprised to know that the studio and game are operated by just one person, David Board. It's an existentialist game that explores some fascinating concepts about life goals, the science of belief and life itself. The latest trailer for the game is some award worthy stuff to say the least, focusing on the game's lead protagonist and the story that compelled him to venture to the seemingly lifeless planet.

Previously, Lifeless Planet debuted last year during E3 and caught small amounts of attention for its seemingly haunting images and philosophically inclined gameplay presentation.

I was somewhat blown away at how atmospheric and engaging the game was just based on the early alpha footage. However, with Lace Mamba Global heading up some of the publishing efforts, we can see a bit more production poured into the presentation of the game that really helps tie it together in a way that you might have been expecting from a movie.

David Board, the game’s sole developer commented about the project, saying...
“The game story was inspired by old sci-fi stories I enjoyed as a kid,”...“During the cold war, science fiction was strongly influenced by events of the day. With Lifeless Planet I’m trying to evoke the contradictory feelings of hope and fear that came with the scientific advances of the space race.”

I like that the game has this sort of hopeless scope to the way the adventure is presented – as if players are thrust into a world where survival is not imminent and finding a way out may not even be possible. There seems to be this running theme throughout the trailer of elongated segments of nothingness and barren promises of hope or life. It's a very fascinating game to say the least and obviously it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea.

I imagine on Gamefaqs and Reddit they'll diss the game as a hipster indie title for tree-hugging philosophers. But hey, it's better to be a tree-hugging hipster philosopher than a teabagging, dude-bro masochist, right? Or no? Well, whatever...anyway, Lifeless Planet looks rad because it looks like a lot of Cold War paranoia theory brought to life in a sci-fi platforming adventure game. I love the concept, I love, love, love the visuals and the late 2013 release can't come soon enough.

If you're digging what Stage 2 is selling then you can find out more about the game by paying a less-than-lifeless visit to the official website. Lifeless Planet is set for release on PC and Mac in the late third quarter of 2013.

I also hope they have a separate release for Rich Douglas' soundtrack because the music seems to be some award-worthy stuff as well, but don't think for a second it's going to out-GOTY Gustavo Santaolalla's Last of Us OST.

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