A new platforming game that's already available and free-to-play has landed on Steam's Greenlight service. Why is a game that's already free heading to Greenlight? Well, the Steam version is bigger, better, contains more features, levels and content but they need a little help with the upvotes.

The game is an ingenious mix of off-the-wall platforming action and classical platform survival mechanics.

The game has an edgy art-style and some really avant garde gameplay on the Shadow end of the spectrum. The game can be played by switching between the two characters, Light and Shadow. Light can only survive in areas basked in light, where-as Shadow can only survive in dark areas.

The game really shines with the Shadow gameplay because of the crazy physics and unconventional way of playing the game. I think the mix of traditional and original platforming mechanics between both Light and Shadow gives the game a nice balance of gameplay that many platform fans will be familiar with while also introducing some creative concepts as well.

You can check the game out in action below with the trailers for Light and Shadow. You can also download a free version of the game over at the Official Website. Those looking to upvote the game and see it arrive on Steam in a bigger, bolder and better fashion, feel free to visit the Official Greenlight Page.

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