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The newly announced game to join Steam's Greenlight is an interactive adventure title from an indie Russian developer. The game is running on Unity's 3D engine and features some startling atmospheric images. The Light is currently looking for a few up-votes on Steam's Greenlight.

Light supposedly has interactive storytelling, a strong focus on atmosphere and a calm, sort of zen nature to its presentation. The brief YouTube trailers seem to portray as a more atmospheric version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but without the zombies and mutants. On the official Greenlight page part of the description reads...
"Travel to a world without humans. Where the peace and the beauty of the world reign. The history of probable futures of mankind, the mystery of our evolution, our progress, and our desires for luxury and infinite resources."

If the above description sounds remotely interesting, you can scope out a little bit of the game in action with the trailer below.

That looks so much better than I was expecting. The first trailer was a little stiff and insipid, however the above trailer does a good job of giving gamers a brief idea of how the game will work and what the interaction will be like. I also have to say that the Unity looks so freaking good in that video. The lighting and scenery is especially clean without being muddled with overt uses of post-processing, bloom and blur that sometimes can unintentionally plague Unreal and CryEngine games.

If The Light has captured a small piece of your attention and you feel the game needs a little more exposure on Steam, be sure to vote for the game on the Steam Greenlight Page.

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