Little Fighters Evolving Into A Big MMO?

Worldwide Little Fighters 2 has become an underground icon for multiplayer battles, and massive fighting brawls. As the only fighting game to allow DBZ-style fighting with Dynasty Warrior-like encounters, I asked the creators if there was a future for the Little Fighters series, and they didn’t hesitate to answer that question.

While the game hasn’t received a lot of press, Little Fighters 2 definitely hit a high note for gamers around the world. Developed by the unrelated Marti and Starsky Wong, the 2D fighting beat-e’m-up freeware title allowed gamers to battle massive armies with up to seven other friends. Each character sported special abilities that ranged from laser eyes and fireballs, to ice-tornados and destructo-discs, reminiscent to that of Dragon Ball Z.

In regards to a new Little Fighters game, or possibly a Little Fighters 3, Starksy Wong commented that ”...we are not planning to develop any follow up of LF. On the other hand, we are now planning to develop a completely new game, which has online features.” After asking what sort of game it would be, Starsky replied that “It will be a new type of MMORPG. Combine RPG, fighting, and many different ideas. However, right now it's in the design stage, we hope we can finalize the design by the end of this year.”

Whether or not the game will still be freeware is up in the air. But Little Fighter fans can stay tuned in, as I’ll find out more about this upcoming MMORPG by Marti and Starsky Wong. For more information regarding Little Fighters you can visit the Little Fighters 2 Homepage.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.