With all the hoopla surrounding the next generation consoles and the drama-fueled saga that began to unfold since May 21st as to whether or not the used game market would be dead in the water thanks to Microsoft's new game console, all other game news and media content was kind of tossed on the back burner. Well, now that some of the drama has subsided we can get back to informing gamers about game-related material.

One of the new mods that released earlier in the month was the Injustice rendition of the Main Man, Lobo. The mod is currently available for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV and the new video gives gamers an exciting new bike to go along with the galactic badass. Lobo translates quite well into an easily recognizable character that fits into the mythos of the crazy and over-the-top nature of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto, as showcased in the video above.

But what about those of you who want someone more down to Earth and grounded in good communistic Russian values, like, say, the Red Son version of Superman? Well, we have something for you as well.

Quechus13 also recently tossed up the Superman mod from Injustice: Gods Among Us that sports the man of steel donning his Red Son garb. Now, I don't think I need to say it but I'm going to anyway: How awesome would it be doing a multiplayer bout with Superman and Lobo going head-to-head in GTA IV? Better yet, if someone whipped out Iron Man's Heartbreaker suit and commenced in a three-way battle royale between the comic book icons and managed to record it, that could be the video of the century if done correctly. However, I would put my money on Iron Man.

You can check out Superman's Red Son persona getting to work on the poor citizens of Liberty City below, where he kicks, punches and opens up a can of Kryptonian domination in just under a minute.

My favorite part is his indiscriminate abuse on a trash dumpster in an alley where no one could see him beat the living daylights out of the inanimate metal object. Way to go Supes... beating up that trash can in one of the many forsaken alleyways of Liberty City. I'm sure some poor sanitation worker is going to miss stopping by that alley and realizing that the dumpster isn't there anymore. Way to ruin a trash man's life Supes.

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