I'm not really sure how gaming gear will help someone who is stuck studying all day, but in the eyes of Logitech apparently some great back-to-school accessories like gaming keyboards, mice and headsets will help put higher-educated gamers on the right path to a successful life... of gaming.

The company has a line-up of devices they're pimping for young kids, mid-kids and old kids alike prepping to head back to school once summer break comes to an end and the information rat-race gets underway this fall. So what kind of accessories do they have and will kids really find this stuff interesting? Well, first of all let me get this out of way: if you're 35, you have a decent job and you enjoy playing PC games then you're probably the ideal kid for the following products.

The company is reminding gamers about the Logitech G100 Optical Gaming Mouse, which is a precision oriented tool to help head-shot perfectionists hone their craft with the same kind of efficiency that the MPAA and RIAA unsheathe DMCA notices – cutting down copyright infringers like a legal samurai. If you want to be a samurai with your mouse skills you can check out the G100 for only $39.99. Not bad... not bad.

Moving up the chain of technological advancement, we also move into “even with a summer job I can't afford this” territory. I'm talking about Logitech's G700S rechargeable gaming mouse. This electronic rodent is a bad boy of wireless proportions, enabling gamers to go long and hard without worrying about wires getting in the way. Best part about this beast of a mouse is that when the batteries don't hold up to your gaming verve, you can plug this sucker into a USB port on your gaming rig and keep gaming into the break of dawn, like a true member of the PC Master Race. The design of the GS700S is quite the opposite of BMW's L10M Gaming Mouse, as one is more like a sleek sports car while the other is like a rage-ready, steroid gulping muscle car. I'll let you figure out which one is which. Reviews for the GS700S are mostly favorable and it carries a $99.99 price tag. Youch.

Next on the list is the Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset. If you're thinking about getting this cost-effective gem for your next-gen gaming, think again. With Microsoft putting an 'X' to Xbox 360 peripherals working on the Xbox One, it means you'll be using the G230 on strictly compatible systems. With the $59.99 price tag, though, it makes it a decent option for those of you engaged in clans or team-based online games where communication is key but a tight budget is still something you have to work around.

If you can afford to move up the financial chain of gaming peripherals the G430 7.1 surround sound headset will enable you to have all the standard features present in the G230 but with all the luxury of Dolby Digital 7.1 audio quality pumping through your ear holes for top-of-the-line 12-year-old cursing and nerd-boy raging that you only get from the classy comforts of online gaming. If you can afford to drop $79.99 on the G430 then it's all good. It has a higher rating on average than some previously listed Logitech items, but it has fewer reviews overall. Just something to keep in mind.

Last on the list is Logitech's G170+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, with backlit key support, dual backlighting for both sides of the board and whisper keys so you don't have to worry about making noise while game into the absolute wee hours of the night. This mechanical beast will cost you a bit of wallet fat, as it runs a not-so-cash friendly price of $149.99.

You can check out all these devices and more at Logitech's official website.
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