The pure hack and slash gameplay of Loki is for the die-hard action-RPG fans. Honestly, this game looks impressive. From the battle with Zeus, to the larger-than-life characters, there’s some strong appeal that could make Loki the God of War for PC gamers.

This latest trailer of Loki focuses more-so on the universe in which the entire game is located. Not only does the trailer show off the game’s atmospheres, but there’s footage of some mythological creatures and battle sequences. Cyanide’s fictional take on legendary historical parables and mythologies add some interesting elements to the game’s overall integrity. The only thing is, I doubt this game will sell like crazy. Still, if the controls pan out okay and the storyline evens out, Loki could have a solid run as a PC action-RPG. For more info you can visit Loki’s Official Website.

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