With a little under $80,000 to go before reaching their Kickstarter goal, Hinterland released a new video demonstration of their upcoming first-person survival game, The Long Dark. The video previews some of the harsh elements of survival in the game, as well as some of the gameplay mechanics that helps the title standout from many other first-person games out there.

The Long Dark is about a bush pilot named William Mackenzie who crashes during an electromagnetic storm that works as a world changing event, putting players in a devastating situation where survival is key and it won't come easy.

There are strong elements of DayZ present in The Long Dark, as players will have to maintain their health, their body temperature and other facilities. The idea is that the game will have these features present without putting any of the information out there on a HUD. So you'll only know what's what based on cues from voice-overs and other visual hints that doesn't explicitly indicate what the numerical standing is of your health, calorie intake and other conditions.

The game is designed around a minimalist aesthetic that centers on giving gamers a very different kind of view on the survival environment, which is usually in areas that offer plenty of greenery and lush jungle or forested areas most times. In this case, players will be battling against the harsh realities of the cold while also fending themselves off from the local wildlife. Some of you might get instant shades of The Grey once that wolf makes an appearance in the video trailer, but it doesn't look like the animals will be anywhere near as crazy as they were in the Liam Neeson flick.

The thing that really stands out with the game is the art-style... it's very striking and also shows that a game doesn't need to be pushing for photorealism to be compelling, and have its own personality to stand out from the crowd all while looking like a gorgeous painting come to life.

One of the main themes of the game is that it asks players how far they will go to survive, but the trailer doesn't really entertain how that maxim will be applied to the gameplay. I imagine we may find out later on when more videos are released and we get a better look at some of the gameplay mechanics.

For now, the concept seems very similar to Frictional Games' Penumbra in the style and mechanics. The team still has a year to go before development will near completion, so I guess we won't be finding out what the combat will look like or any other features until a few months from now.

If you want to contribute to the game's Kickstarter feel free to visit the official page to learn more. They only have eight days left, so hopefully they can reel in some

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