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Lords Online Mixes Medieval Strategy With Hero Nurturing

IGG recently announced that they are working on a new MMO called Lords Online. The press announcement, unfortunately, doesn’t come jam packed with screenshots or a debut trailer.

According to the press release…

“Lords Online is an elaborate SLG game that is set in a medieval style land that is in constant conflict. It features administrative controls, alliance building and hero-nurturing systems blended with classic AD&D rules. Distinguishing itself from SLG games that have come before it, the combat in Lords Online enables players to be in command of a battle instead of placing their entire faith in the number of troops sent into battle. It also allows players to devise flexible strategies for different combat situations.”

It’s pretty cool that the game enables players to take control of the battles in real-time instead of leaving the roll-dice and the number of soldiers determine if they’re winning or losing. The game could definitely be something worth keeping an eye on depending on how it all comes together.

You can check out the Official Lords Online Forums for more info. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of the game right here at Blend Games.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.