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Love, or the game that has brightly colored special effects that try to portray what a color orgasm looks like in 3D, has recently been updated to support more fluid gameplay, advanced design features and the ability to shape, mold and alter an artistically inspired virtual world.

The game takes place in a procedurally generated world that shares similar game-directive concepts as titles like Minecraft or Terraria or any of those other open-world, player-created-type games.

Players can use strange pods and mechanics to do all sorts of crazy things to build, shape, mold or re-purpose how the game world works. Players aren't alone in this strange world, and they will be competing with other inhabitants for control of the world space. Check it out in the new video below.

I suppose if you wanted a more visually obtuse but mechanically structured rendition of Minecraft, this might be the game for you. The whole bit with being able to power devices and zip-line around is pretty cool.

I haven't seen enough of the game to be able to tell just how much you can create and make and sort of sculpt into your own. But the concept seems cool enough. Right now the two emergent-type games I'm keeping my eye on very closely are Edge of Space and StarForge. But if Love continues to evolve and advance the kind of content you can create/hew, then it could easily turn into a fan-favorite.

You can download the game for free right now from the Official Website.