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A lot of games have marriage systems but none of them have a matchmaking system similar to real-life dating services, except for Lucent Heart. The MMO romantic, questing, dating game celebrated its first in-game marriage after two hardcore players put in countless hours and shelved out tons of in-game cash to make it all happen.

After being matched up with the game's unique Cupid system, Chikane and Tsuki were the lucky game couple to tie the in-game knot. Chikane had a few words to share about the experience, saying…
“What really left a great impression was the help and support of our Guild, Myriad,” ... “Once the other members heard we were trying to get married, they all chipped in and helped out. Some members even asked random people on the server to contribute, and they helped without even knowing us. Everything came together because the whole server was in on it!”

Yeah, wow, that sounds….weird. But anyway, a lot of people are getting in on the romantic action and enjoying themselves with a lot of interactive content and questing. There’s also a lot more to the game than just the cutesy romance stuff. Lucent Heart has some serious backbone to its gameplay design, with a lot of relationship-related buffs, quests and boosts to help give couples an advantage during a fight. The game also still employs heavy tactical combat as seen in more hardcore MMOs like Allods, ROHAN, NeoSteam or Archlord. I’ll also admit that the gunner class is pretty fun to play. Sniping for the win!

Lucent Heart is still undergoing beta testing but also accepting beta applicants. Those interested in checking out this rare, free-to-play MMORPG can do so by heading on over to the Official Website.

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