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If you’re the kind of hopeless romantic where it’s not just about holding hands, looking at the stars and going on dates, but there’s that burdening desire to fight dragons and wield cool looking guns while being all suave and lovey-dovey with your partner, then Lucent Heart has you covered. The game doesn’t just have a whole new dating-connection service housed within it, there’s also a fleshed out RPG to boot complete with a branching class system.

Now usually I’m ragging on this game for the goofy Cupid system and its popularity spawned from the ridiculous notion that there’s going to be a lot of people playing trying to find some pseudo-romance in their life. However, I must admit that the class system looks pretty cool and players start off with the choice of branching out either as a Mage or Warrior. From there the system breaks down into multiple classes as players level up and get stronger, which is kind of cool…it’s almost similar to OG Planet’s LaTale multi-tiered class setup.

Shockingly enough, this game actually seems to have a very fleshed out class system that follows the rules of most other core MMORPGs, which is quite impressive. The details of the class system can be viewed below and an even more detailed look at each class can be obtained from Lucent Heart’s Official Website.

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