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If you’re having a tough time finding the digital lady of your dreams or that polygonal beau you can’t stop thinking about, then maybe you need a little cosmetic help to reel in those hard-to-get lovers. Gamania announced that the cash shop is currently up and running for North Americans, and this means you can buy all the visual upgrades your toon needs to afford some high quality lovin’.

David Wong, COO of Gamania commented in the press release, saying…
“We want to thank our fantastic community for their support during Lucent Heart’s recent betas,” …. “We’re very happy with how smoothly the game has progressed up to this point and there’s a lot to look forward to with future updates and features. I think players are going to be amazed at how much content we’re planning to bring over, it’s going to be an exciting year.”

And for a limited time gamers will be able to purchase some goodies from the cash shop at a 25% off discount, such as the Cupid Keys which enable you to instantly hook up with friends…it’s like Friends with Benefits.

In addition to this, a Ruffle Raffle Event is underway allowing devoted Lucent Heart fans to earn some cool swag such as a Lucent Heart t-shirt. Yeah, the ladies are going to flock all over you if you go wearing a shirt like that in public.

You can check up on the rest of the prizes from the Ruffle Raffle Event over at the Official Forums for the game. For everyone else who wants to try their hand at beating some big bad bosses while finding some digital romance in the process can sign up and download the client for Lucent Heart at the Official Website.