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Lucent Heart always manages to lay it on thick…very thick…but I suppose that’s where the appeal lies, with thick gaming romance. Anyway, Gamania announced that in support of the upcoming beta called "Prepare for Love", gamers will be able to get a sneak peek at a few more features of the game with a Valentine's Day beta.

In addition to announcing the beta, Gamania also named a new “Lucent Heart Star”, a Vanessa Liang. For those who keep track of this stuff, you might recall the Lucent Heart Star Contest from a while back, well that’s the contest Vanessa won and she had a few words to share for Lucent Heart fans…
"I'm beyond thrilled just thinking about my new role!” ... “Being the Lucent Heart Star combines all of my favorite interests – gaming, anime, fashion, and cosplaying. I'm so thankful and excited to play with everyone that supported me, and to meet new people in the upcoming beta release."

Well I’m sure there will be a lot of 13 year old boys racing to the sign-up page after seeing Vanessa’s picture and realizing that she’s a girl and not a G.I.R.L. Yes, real females actually play Lucent Heart. That’s probably incentive enough for a lot of male gamers to play right there.

You can learn more about the free-to-play MMO, Lucent Heart, by heading on over to the Official Website to sign-up for the upcoming beta.

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