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Breaking records seems to be the cool thing to do this year, given the introduction of the new Guinness World Records Gamers Edition. Just recently, at the MCM Expo, it was announced that they managed to break a record for most cosplay attendees at one event.

The MCM Expo took place over the weekend at Excel, London, over in the UK. At this year’s event there were demonstrations put on by some of the gaming industry’s top publishers, including Capcom, Atari and Konami. In addition to this, Electronic Theatre is reporting that the Guinness World Record team was on hand as more than 376 cosplayers gathered to the event, dressed as their favorite video game characters, all aimed at breaking the previous world record for most cosplayers in attendance at one event.

As stated on Electronic Theatre, “registered participants were individually verified, numbered and photographed to provide physical confirmation of the attempt, and once complete the Guinness World Records team validated the result as the brand new world record for ‘the largest gathering of people dressed as video game characters’”.

The previous record to be held for cosplayers attending a single event was actually held by the MCM Expo before, with 337 cosplayers. So they managed to beat their own record, set a new one and still manage to entertain everyone who came to the event. That’s just dandy.

You can learn more about the MCM Expo by dropping by their Official Website. Of course, if you need to get updates, insight and info on the latest gaming happenings, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.