Astrum Nival really knocked the ball out of the park with Allods Online, mixing in sci-fi space/astral travel with classic RPG leveling and MMO raiding. Despite the game’s massive popularity and unrivaled originality there are sometimes hang-ups in the translation and that’s why Astrum Nival acquired the services of localizers, MO Group.

As stated in the press release…
Thanks to MO Group International's true dedication and hard work, Astrum Nival are proud to have successfully launched the French and German versions of 'Allods Online', in order to offer game-lovers worldwide the opportunity to also play the game in French and in German.

The game recently received the update, Fury of War, which sees new raid dungeons added and daily PvP events where the best of the best players take up arms and fight to retrieve treasures in the Arena of Death. Additional modifications have also been added to the astral, making it easier for navigators and pilots to work together to plot out and find new allods, as well as upgrade ships for raiding purposes.

You can learn more about Allods Online and Astrum Nival by visiting the Official Website.

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