MS Flight Simulator Studio Closed

Microsoft is trimming its workforce down in the face of an ass-tastic economy and one of the casualties is Aces Game Studio, developer behind the classic Microsoft Flight Simulator series. This is probably the first time a video game company ever did what Jack Thompson wanted.

A representative from Edelman, Microsoft's PR firm, told IGN that the cuts were made "to align our people against our highest priorities." Flight Simulator fans shouldn't worry, though - the series will likely live on. "We are committed to the Flight Simulator franchise which has proven to be a successful PC based game for the last 27 years," said the rep.

The first Microsoft Flight Simulator game was released in 1982, meaning it predates Windows by three years. It has spawned eleven sequels, most recently Flight Simulator X in 2006.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.