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MMO gamers have long been awaiting the likes of Nexon’s non-targeting, free-to-play action MMORPG that runs on the Source engine, called Mabinogi Heroes. Today, news has surfaced courtesy of MMOHut indicating that Mabinogi Heroes, the prequel to the free-to-play MMORPG, Mabinogi, will be coming Stateside (or North America to the not-so-hip kids) and will be formally named Vindictus.

Now for all the naysayers out there, let me simply say that Vindictus literally sports gameplay that most console action games wished they had. Yes, God of War III may be solid but the game formerly known as Mabinogi Heroes has physics-based combat, so any object that breaks from any object can be used as a weapon. Neat, eh?

What’s more is that Vindictus allows players to use strangely violent means of teamwork to take down bosses, including impaling them to the ground using spears or stakes or locking them up and tying them down using rope or chains. The environments are also destructible along with armor and clothes-tearing. It’s an insanely gory but cool concept that will more than likely give Blade & Soul and TERA Online a run for their money.

I’m definitely stoked for this game because it’s rare we even get action games as cool as this on the home consoles. So hopefully Vindictus will get the proper promotion it deserves as one of the few next-generation MMORPGs. For more info you can check out the trailer below or be sure to visit the Official Website.