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Four modders have taken it upon themselves to do a total conversion of 2K Games' first Mafia game into Rockstar's RAGE Engine for GTA IV. The conversion sees the entirety of the first Mafia made playable in GTA IV's engine, complete with buildings, cars, characters and more.

The new trailer gives gamers a brief hint of the progress being made so far, featuring a large piece of the city, one of the vehicles and a lot of the shaders being in place. According to DSO Gaming, the four chaps working on the project include Alber2gt, xXaerooff2Xx, nkjellman and Blaster_nl.

The team still has to finish converting the rest of the map, textures, models, interiors and vehicles. I'm curious to see how they manage and what they come up with in the end. Check it out in the video teaser below.

The Mafia conversion follows in the footsteps of other total conversions including but not limited to Grand Theft Auto III: Rage and Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas. The team still has a ton of work ahead of them and it'll be very interesting to see how the project turns out in a few month's time.

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