One day sales news is a little tricky because usually people have very little time to act on the news by the time it goes live. Nevertheless, OnLive is having a 24 hour sale on one of the newest open-world action-drama games, with Mafia II being available on the cloud service for only $5.

Gamers can sign up with OnLIve for free and download the software for free and begin testing out some games and demos…for free. Is there any part about this that doesn’t sound enticing? Well, if you don’t have the computer power to run many of today’s newer games you can use an old-school laptop, computer or the OnLive mini-console to play top-end games via the cloud service, so long as you have a 3MBPS or higher connection rate from your ISP.

Remember, you have less than one day to purchase Mafia II via OnLive for only $5. So act fast. For more info be sure to visit the Official OnLive Website.

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