A mock video of gamers play-testing the upcoming first-person puzzle-shooter from 3AM Games, Magrunner: Dark Pulse. The interesting thing about the video is that it shows gamers in a light where they're having fun and being challenged while at the same time providing useful insight for the developers in a sort of mock-QA session.

The video is an optimistic view of the crowd-funding culture; we're given a partial "what if..." scenario of how gamers and developers could help bridge the gap of how content comes together for a complete gaming experience. I actually really like the idea that making a great game can be great fun, and including gamers into the mix can provide developers with useful feedback while everyone looks forward to having an enjoyable experience. Check it out in the new promo video below.

I really liked that video. It made video games seem like fun again. There was no real gameplay on display, but it made the working atmosphere of 3AM Games seem like a real hoot (whether or not they're really that carefree is yet to be determined) but if they really do handle everything with diligent nonchalance then that's pretty cool.

Right now, 3AM is looking for a little extra crowd-funding to help expand on the initial game design of Magrunner: Dark Pulse. They want you, the gamer, to choose what the team adds to the game, including but not limited to multiplayer, co-op, additional levels or what have you. You can learn more about this Portal-esque first-person puzzler by paying a visit to the Official Magrunner Page.

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