These Major GTA V And GTA Online Glitches Still Haven't Been Resolved

Rockstar recently issued a new title update for PC gamers playing Grand Theft Auto V. The update addresses issues in GTA V and the GTA Online portion of the game after players reported frame-rate issues occurring after the original update went live.

Over on the Rockstar Games support forum the company acknowledged that they've looked into the frame-rate issue that occurred during the last update patch and have addressed it. Once you log into the game, update 1.28 should automatically download to get your version up to par.

However, in providing this title update Rockstar did something that players aren't very appreciative of: some of the mods appear to be breaking in result of the title update.

According to the post on the support forums, Rockstar states...

We also received some reports linking decreased performance when using Story Mode mods to TU 1.28. As mentioned previously, we are not actively targeting players using mods in Story Mode, nor are we explicitly implementing protections against them in-game. Our primary focus is on protecting GTA Online against modifications that could give players an unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing.

Modding GTA V has become a massive sub-culture all its own. YouTubers love streaming and posting videos of their exploits as they test out new weapons, drive new cars or explore the world of Los Santos using tsunami mods or angry airplanes.

The mods for GTA IV is what kept the game running long after the retail shelf sales died down for the title. Many times PC gamers would pick up a copy of the title whenever Ice Laglace would release a new iCEnhancer mod for GTA IV. The mod would give the game unprecedented visual quality above and beyond what most gamers thought possible within Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine.

For GTA V the iCEnhancer and ENB mods are coming along a heck of a lot slower due to Rockstar's insistence on maintaining secure servers and prohibiting players from going online with single-player or multiplayer mods.

Shortly after the game released and modders found out that GTA V was heavily encrypted, scripters quickly got work on finding a workaround for Rockstar's encryption. It worked... for a while. Rockstar and the modders have been butting heads ever since the April release on PC. Rockstar has acknowledged that they support modding for GTA V but not at the expense of disrupting the game for those who play GTA Online.

So far the OpenIV Team who help provide tools for gamers to mod Rockstar's latest title have not said anything about title update 1.28 breaking or affecting their software, but Rockstar has mentioned that some players are saying that they are being affected.

Expect this cat and mouse game to continue on as each new update will bring some surprises that modders and gamers may not appreciate, just the same as modders will likely release new ways to get around the game's security that Rockstar may not appreciate.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.