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Verge Game Studio is working on a really cool game called Mak. It started as prototype software and has evolved into something really quirky and amazing. The new video demonstrates how players can use physics-based building mechanics to do all sorts of wonderful stuff.

The game is a third-person indie title. Players control robotic looking humanoids in a sort of free-space, planetary cluster of sorts. Physics are a bit fantastical in the game and the building blocks look like something from a Play Skool building set. However, the real trick is what you can do with these blocks and how they work. It's a neat step in an innovative direction involving free-form gameplay.

I think what's most impressive about this is that the game looks gorgeous, the concept is mind-boggling given all the different ways something like this can be used to create all sorts of crazy things. I'm imagining a lot of players building massive space ships or heck, their very own planets.

The idea that blocks and your imagination are your only limits, it definitely makes me interested to see what else these guys have in store.

Mak is still heavy under development and the team plans to showcase how the mechanics will be used for problem solving and actual gameplay complexity in upcoming videos. You can learn more about Mak by visiting the Official Steam Greenlight Page.

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