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The world of Marvel Heroes is once again expanding as “Fire and Ice” player versus player content goes live. Also, the ragin’ Cajun, Gambit, will soon become a playable player. Get those playing cards ready. It’s about to get kinetic.

Hot on the heels of the recent Asgard update, featuring a brand new area for players to explore, new enemies, items, powers, etc., it looks like even more goodies are now ready to be enjoyed in Gazillion Entertainment’s free-to-play MMO featuring all of your favorite Marvel heroes, like Spider-Man, Wolverine and The Hulk.

The Fire and Ice mode is all about PvP, letting Earth’s mightiest heroes duke it out in arena fashion, sporting teams that are five members strong.

“Players are tasked with guarding allied giants and defeating enemy giants as they move to destroy the opposing team’s base while protecting their own,” reads the statement from Gazillion. “During each battle, players receive Runestones for defeating enemy players and giants, which can be traded for offensive and defensive PvP buffs, as well as various utilities.”

Based on that description along, I’m getting a strong MOBA vibe here, which is definitely a good thing. Along with all of the usual fisticuffs, it sound like there will be a constant tug-of-war at play, requiring players to constantly go on the offense and defense as they determine which tactic is more appropriate for the given situation. Should you hang back and defend your giant/base or would victory draw closer if you were to push forward aggressively? Depending on how well this is implemented, I could see it becoming a new favorite mode for Marvel Heroes fans.

With great competition comes great rewards, too, as players will receive experience, credits and more based on their performances. This matches also offer up a brand new form of currency to the game, Asgardian Crowns, which can be used to purchase brand new PvP-tier items for your characters.

If that’s not enough Marvel Heroes news to tide you over, then you’ll likely be pleased to hear that Gambit will soon be added as a playable character, coming later this month, actually. With Loki arriving as the first playable villain earlier this month, Gambit will be yet another addition for the heroes, bringing his trademark staff and kinetically charged paying cards to the party.

So, there you have it. Dive into the Fire and Ice PvP mode starting today and, sometime before December arrives, you should be able to add Gambit to your roster. Excelsior!

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