It seems like free-to-play MMOs are a dime a dozen these days, but not all of those games have the legs to stay in the race. That doesn’t seem to be a concern for Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, however, as the game has officially passed the 4 million registered player mark. To celebrate, Gazillion Entertainment is re-launching the game’s website to enhance the player’s experience.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is one of those nice MMOs that runs completely from within your web browser, meaning there’s no need for a client download, patches, updates or anything like that. To celebrate the whole 4 million users thing, the game’s website has been revamped, allowing a more streamlined access to the games itself, as well as a refined experience for the site’s other facets that aims to provide a more immersive and social experience.

In case you’re scoffing at the 4 million figure, I should probably mention that Marvel Super Hero Squad Online only launched a year ago and is a very family-friendly game (Read: The vast majority of those users are kids). Of course, when you’re offering players the chance to control the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Hulk and another 83 heroes from the Marvel universe, it’s no surprise that the MMO has caught on.

“Breaking 4 million registered users is a tremendous achievement for MSHSO and for Gazillion Entertainment,” said President and COO David Brevik. “We love the passion that our players have shown for the game, and we are excited to continue to put out new and exciting content for them to enjoy.”

Along with running around themed environments and laying waste to baddies with friends, MSHSO lets players create their own headquarters, explore interactive environments, collect oodles of in-game items and play a Marvel-themed card game.

I doubt the game will be up the alley of many of our readers but, if you have a kid, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online certainly seems like a decent way to get them into gaming.

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