Well, better late than never. BioWare announced today that Mass Effect Infiltrator, the tie-in mobile game for Mass Effect 3, has arrived on Android. You can download it for $6.99.

In Infiltrator, players take on the role of a Randall Ezno, a Cerberus agent who turns against his employer. He'll have to battle his way through scores of Cerberus troops, as well as their dangerous test subjects. The game also features boss fights against mechs and other massive enemies.

Like the console Mass Effect games, Infiltrator is a third-person, cover-based shooter. You can take out enemies using a combination of biotics and firearms. Over time, you earn credits to spend on upgrades for your equipment.

The real hook for Infiltrator was how it was integrated with Mass Effect 3. By rescuing prisoners and collecting intel in Infiltrator, you boosted your Galactic Readiness in ME3. Galactic Readiness was one of the stats that determined how good your ending was.

The thing is, I imagine most people who would've used this mobile game for its effect on ME3 have already beaten the latter. It's a shame that developer IronMonkey Studios couldn't get this game onto Android sooner. To their credit, though, they did manage to release it on iOS the same day that ME3 hit stores.

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