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Today third-person shooter Max Payne has been reincarnated as a mobile game. You can download Payne to your iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch for $2.99. An Android release will occur in two weeks.

"Max Payne was the original cinematic action-shooter," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "We're really proud to bring its intense gunplay and dark story to mobile devices. Remedy did an amazing job with this game and it still feels fresh today.”

In Max Payne, players take on the role of a New York City detective of the same name. He's investigating the source of a mysterious drug called Valkyr and what he finds is a bunch of people trying to kill him. In gun battles, he has the edge thanks to a Bullet Time ability that lets him slow down the action around him.

Max Payne Mobile updates the game's visuals with high-resolution texture. Other features include customizable controls and Rockstar Social Club support.

Rockstar plans to release Mobile on Android devices on April 26th.

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