In case you didn't get your fill of cutting in iOS titles like Fruit Ninja, the makers of the hit The Impossible Game have returned with their latest offering: Mayan Slice. It's available now on iTunes, giving your fingers plenty of reasons to get all touchy-feely with your random iDevices.

Packed with 84 levels of swiping goodness, Mayan Slice tasks players with destroying medallions while avoiding obstacles and several other wrinkles that have been thrown in to spruce the challenge up a bit. Mayan Slice offers 84 levels of gameplay, as well as time attack and survival modes to keep players coming back for more.

Mayan Slice features artwork from Gong Studios, as well as a brand new soundtrack from Vince Webb, known for his work on a couple dozen various downloadable games and apps.

Developer FlukeDude has been plugging away at Mayan Slice for quite a few months now, saying he wasn't going to release the game until it was ready for prime time.

“I've been working on Mayan Slice since the summer,” said FlukeDude. “It's taken a while to come together, but I really wanted to make sure I followed up The Impossible Game with something equally as fun.”

And now gamers everywhere can see if Mayan Slice lives up to those standards. It's available now through iTunes for $0.99.

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