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Not every MMO is worth the time or investment from players, but every so often there's a rare gem that comes along that manages to combine some worthwhile elements from multiple genres to make up something totally unique and completely off the hook...Maze: The Treasure Hunters is that game.

MMOSite recently posted the gameplay video up showcasing how the mechanics work, what some of the character customization is like and, most importantly, all the action involved with traversing the dungeons.

The game plays out a lot like the old-school Tomb Raider games meets Tripwire Interactive's The Ball and sprinkled in with a little bit of Uncharted. There's a lot of nifty traps and tricks sprinkled throughout the experience that make it a really cool and neat alternative to all the other standard deathmatch style MOFPS titles or NPC-based grinding RPGs where you're trying to farm 1,000 space rats to unlock the jockstrap of ultimate truth.

I have no idea if this game will capitalize on its own ingenuity and manage to stay fresh and innovative as both a platforming FPS and as a progressive MMO. I guess we'll see once someone picks up the North American distribution rights and hosts a closed beta test.

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