MechWarrior: Tactical Command Blows Up On iPad

MechWarrior has always been about high tech strategy warfare and, for the first time ever, Personae Studio is bringing the beloved franchise to mobile with the release of MechWarrior: Tactical Command for the iPad.

Few games scratch that strategic combat itch quite like the MechWarrior games, giving players the chance to control a squad of soldiers and mechs while managing resources, defending their assets and taking the fight to invading enemy forces. Tactical Comman brings that same formula to the iPad, allowing players to control a Mech squad while battling their way through 21 single player missions with multi-touch gestures and a story crafted by series vets, Loren :. Coleman and Randall N. Bills.

MechWarrior: Tactical Command is a gripping triple-A strategy game from Singapore, and MDA is proud to have supported its production under the MDA Grant Schemes,” said Interactive Media, Games and Publishing Director Thomas Lim. “Our game developers have refreshed an established intellectual property and modernized it into an engaging and exciting strategy game with great storylines for the iOS platrom.”

MechWarrior: Tactical Command offers lots of content for $9.99, including a true RTS experience on the go, mechanics that stay true to the game's roots, 30 mechs straight from the game's lore and all of the customization option you could want.

For more details, screenshots or to pick up the game for yourself, head on over to the MechWarrior: Tactical Command page on iTunes.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.